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2 Universes 1024 Channels DMX ArtNet WiFi Recorder Playback

ArtNet To DMX Converter DMX WiFi Recorder DMX Merge ALL-IN-ONE Controller

2 Universes 1024 Channels DMX ArtNet WiFi Recorder Playback
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The RayElite SSL-CR10A ArtNet WiFi Recorder is an easy to use DMX recording and replay unit. The operating concept is similar to a CD player and can be used by non-professionals,The sequences are recorded from a lighting console, or other DMX output device, onto the device. The SSL-CR10A replays the recorded sequences in real time,With the ability to record 2 DMX universes (1024 DMX channels), the SSL-CR10A is also suitable for LED and moving light applications/installations. A variety of applications in architecture and entertainment, tradeshow, retail and museum lighting are covered with the SSL-CR10A easily and economically, In addition, the SSL-CR10A can also be set up to be remotely operated or triggered by OSC. During live shows, the SSL-CR10A can be used as a DMX backup or Merge device.


Model Number: SSL-CR10A

Brand Name: RayElite

2 DMX inputs, 2 DMX outputs

bidirectional artnet converter for 2 universes(DMX>Artnet/Artnet>DMX)

DMX merge(2 x IN > 1 x OUT)

SD cards DMX/Artnet recorder for 1024 channels(8 memories max. 4GB showfile equivalent 24h per memory)

both Artnet and DMX sources can be recorded

Built-in 24 Channels DMX Tester

SD card DMX player(memory selection,dimmer & speed control)

SD card player remote control via Open Sound Control(compatible with LEMUR, TOUCHOSC etc.)

wireless accesspoint function for wireless Artnet and wireless OSC remote(ideal for Android and IOS remote control and DMX console)

compatible with all ArtNet generator/apps (Avolites,Grandma,Highend,MagicQ, Resolume,VDMX,Madmapper,Madrix,ArtNet controller on Android)

LCD display supports menu navigation and provides status information

Easy firmware upgrades using SD Card


Model No.:


Power Input:

Inbuilt Autoranging 90-264V AC

max. DMX channels:

2 Universes 1024 DMX Channels

ALL-IN-ONE Multifunction:

DMX Merge,ArtNet Converter,DMX Recorder

Open Sound Control:

O.S.C. Support

WiFi AP:



10Base-T / 100Base-T Ethernet link

Firwamre Update:

SD Card


Backlit 2 x 16 LCD


227 x 130 x 48

DMX Recorder Playback2 Universes DMX Merge BackupArtNet DMX Converter

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